Manage Custom Fields

You may make custom fields available for Genix’s ticket open/registration page. It will assist you in gathering more information from your customers while they are creating tickets. It will cut down on the number of chats necessary to close a ticket.

SupportGenix Setting > Custom Fields

Where you can put the custom fields? #

  1. In the ticket Open Form
  2. In the Registration form.
Where you can put the custom fields
Where you can put the custom fields

Can be created for? #

  1. For Admin/Agent (to Show the fields only for the Admin/Support Agents)
  2. For both agents and customers (to show the form for Admin, Agent, and Customers)

Conditional Custom Fields #

Based on the user’s selected category, this custom field can be presented conditionally.

Field Types #

  1. Text Box
  2. Numeric
  3. Date
  4. Switch
  5. Radio
  6. Dropdown
  7. Instruction Text
  8. URL Input

These custom fields can be marked as required or optional.