Manage Custom Fields

You may make custom fields available for Genix’s ticket open/registration page. It will assist you in gathering more information from your customers while they are creating tickets. It will cut down on the number of chats necessary to close a ticket.

SupportGenix Setting > Custom Fields

Where you can put the custom fields?

  1. In the ticket Open Form
  2. In the Registration form.

Can be created for?

  1. For Admin/Agent (to Show the fields only for the Admin/Support Agents)
  2. For both agent and customers (to show the form for Admin, Agent and Customers)

Conditional Custom Fields

Based on the user’s selected category, this custom field can be presented conditionally.

Field Types

  1. Text Box
  2. Numeric
  3. Date
  4. Switch
  5. Radio
  6. Dropdown
  7. Instruction Text
  8. URL Input

These custom fields can be marked as required or optional.