Use Gmail for Email to Ticket

If you want to use Gmail as your mailbox in Support Genix, Follow these steps

Step 1: Go to Manage my Account from your Gmail.

Step 2: Enable 2FA from Security Tab

Click GET STARTED and setup the 2-Step Verification

Step 3: Set up App Password from the Security Tab

Step 4: Select App: Other (Custom Name), use Support Genix and Press Generate Button

Step 5: Copy and save the password, then use this password on Support Genix MailBox.

Note: Make sure that all of your previous emails are marked as Read. Otherwise, any unread emails may be converted to tickets.

If you are using Google Workspace (GSuite) then follow these additional steps #

Go to > Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail, then go to End User Access

Enable the IMAP

Find your Test Domain Alias from

To use [email protected] mailbox, you need to add two Mailboxes.
One is [email protected], another is [email protected]
Password for two mailboxes is the app password (same password for both).

Change Security Setting (Optional) – Ignore if previous steps work for you.