WhatsApp Integration

Welcome to the WhatsApp Integration Documentation for Support Genix! This comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in seamlessly integrating and utilizing the WhatsApp integration feature within the Support Genix plugin. With this integration, support agents will receive WhatsApp notifications whenever a customer creates a new support ticket, responds to an existing ticket, or when they are assigned to a ticket. Additionally, support agents can reply directly to the ticket from their WhatsApp, ensuring prompt and efficient communication.

This integration streamlines your support process, enhancing efficiency and ensuring that no customer concern goes unnoticed.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Integration #

WhatsApp integration offers numerous benefits, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here are three key advantages:

  • Real-Time Communication: Receive instant notifications on WhatsApp for new tickets, customer responses, and ticket assignments, enabling prompt responses.
  • Improved Efficiency: Manage and respond to tickets directly from WhatsApp, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Address customer concerns quickly and effectively through a familiar and accessible messaging platform, leading to higher satisfaction.

Steps to Enable WhatsApp Integration #

support genix woocommerce integration

Step 1: Sign up on Twilio #

To integrate WhatsApp into Support Genix, you’ll first need to sign up for a Twilio account. Visit their website and complete the registration process for a free account. Ensure you have an email address ready to start your free trial. Additionally, provide a mobile number for verification, ensuring it’s accessible to you.

Step 2: Setup Twilio Console #

Once you’ve signed up, proceed to configure the Twilio console. Refer to the information provided in the following image for guidance during the configuration process.

whatsapp integration

Upon completing the setup, copy the generated Twilio Account SID and Twilio Auth Token. Then, paste them into the Support Genix WhatsApp Settings.

whatsapp  info add

Step 3: Setup WhatsApp Sandbox #

Now, proceed to set up the WhatsApp Sandbox. Navigate to Messaging > Try it out in the left-hand sidebar, then select Send a WhatsApp Message to continue the setup process.

whatsapp sandbox setup

After activating the Sandbox, Twilio provides you a WhatsApp number and a code. You need to join your Twilio WhatsApp Sandbox by using the given WhatsApp number and code.

  • You need to create a WhatsApp contact using this number.
  • Next, you need to send the provided code as a message from your WhatsApp account.
twilio integration

It will take you to the Business-initiated message page. Now, select a Message Template and simply send the message by clicking Send template message button. This action will prompt a notification in your Twilio WhatsApp chat, and a Message received notification will also appear on that Twilio page.

sandbox business template
sandbox business template confirmation
sandbox business template

After navigating to the User-initiated conversation page, you need to respond to the notification (sent by Twilio) from your WhatsApp account. This will prompt another message notification in your Twilio WhatsApp chat.

whatsapp notification

Upon sending the test reply, proceed by clicking on the Next step button to ensure the completion of the WhatsApp Sandbox setup in a proper manner.

whatsapp sandbox configuration

Step 4: Enable Replying via WhatsApp #

Now, copy the WhatsApp number from the Sandbox Settings and paste it into the Support Genix WhatsApp Settings. Then, click on the “Enable response from WhatsApp” switcher to turn on and copy the generated URL. Next, add this URL to the Sandbox configuration to enable ticket replies via the WhatsApp account.

Enable replying for WhatsApp integration

Here, you can customize notification settings based on specific events. Options include receiving notifications for new ticket creations, ticket replies, or when tickets are assigned to support agents.

whatsapp notification events

As the final step, ensure to include your WhatsApp number in your User Profile, including the country code. By adding this number, you can receive ticket notifications (for selected events) on your WhatsApp and you can respond to tickets directly from that WhatsApp chat.

agent phone number

Step 5: Add More Agents to Receive Notifications #

To allow more agents to receive notifications on WhatsApp, each agent must join your Twilio WhatsApp Sandbox. They do not need to create their own Twilio account; they simply need to join your existing Twilio WhatsApp Sandbox. Earlier, you already have received a WhatsApp number and a code from Twilio after activating the Sandbox.

  • Agents need to create a WhatsApp contact using this number.
  • Next, they just need to send the provided code as a message from their WhatsApp account.

Get Notifications and Respond to Tickets via WhatsApp #

Once you have completed the steps for WhatsApp integration, support agents will receive notifications on WhatsApp, as shown in the following image. Agents can reply to tickets by sending a message in the same chat where the notification was received.

To make reply to ticket, the message must start with ##ticket_id##. For example, if the ticket ID is 3, the message should start with ##3##. Please refer to the screenshot below for an example.

That’s it! Thank you for choosing Suport Genix to enhance your user experience. If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact our support team. Our dedicated support team would be more than happy to assist you.